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About AO


Aonghus Oakley Ames “Goose” Miller was born on Sunday, June 12, 2005 at home with his family and left the same way today, Sunday, October 10, 2021.  He was named after the Celtic God of Love.  Aonghus was a lover, not a fighter.  He has a very big energy and always had a smile on his face and something nice to say.

Aonghus attended Pen Argyl High School, he loved the school and what it stands for. Math, Science and History were his favorite classes.  He planned to attend CIT for Machining and Tooling.  Anyone who knows him, knows his big smile and generous heart.  He had what we called "engineer brain".   He was always making something.  He taught himself CAD design to help with his 3D printing and designing. He loved all things Marvel and Star Wars. He made and sold para cord bracelets and dog gear to make money to fuel his constant improvements on his 2005 Tacoma. He loved water, the beach, the lake for kayaking, the pond for fishing.  He enjoyed it all while listening to old, early 2000, country, as well as a lot of Ryan Upchurch. He had a warm relationship with his little dog Buddy. He enjoyed going to Stone Harbor in the summers and out tanned his sister annually. He loved cooking all kinds of foods, made an excellent pork rub and the best hollandaise sauce. The list of builds is long;  bows, potato guns, legos, 3d prints, metal shields, ie Captain America,  bikes and so much more.  He enjoyed archery, has collection of knives he started when he was two.  He was looking forward to being a gunsmith. He took so much pride in being the BEST uncle, even trying to out gift his brothers.  He was either lounging or working in his skivvies or all decked out in his button downs and cowboy boots.  If you saw someone in Wind Gap Giant in a kilt, it was likely Aonghus.  He is big energy and we had no idea how far reaching it is.  With this foundation, we carry on his spirit through all of the things he enjoyed so enthusiastically!

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