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Aonghus loved to create and build things!  From a very young age he would build with wood, Legos, metal, anything he could get his hands on.  When he got a little older he got interested in 3D Printing.  He taught himself CAD design, saved up birthday money and bought himself a printer.  It hummed away in his room at all hours of the day and night!  His plan was to go to CIT for Machining and Tooling so that he could expand on his skill and work toward a career in that area.  

Our goal is to help a Junior who is enrolled at CIT for CAD design or Machining and Tooling get a jump start on their tools and materials needed to pursue their career!

We are raising money to do just that annually.  Our goal is $2000 in tools and materials and $500 cash .  


Anyone who is a Junior 

Enrolled in CAD or Machining and Tooling at CIT

may apply

Please Submit a video presentation, power point, OR written essay and two teacher references and high school transcript to: by APRIL 2 of their Junior year.  The submissions will be reviewed and the Scholarship awarded at the Truck Show that year.

The idea is to help get a start on a solid tool set and  material resources to accomplish their future career goals. 

The submission should include the following information:


Contact information

Interests and hobbies

Family and Friends

How you got interested in CAD or M & T

What you would like to be doing in 5 years

What your personal priorities are and how they serve your goals

Your story should give us a good idea of who you are.

We will pick 2 or 3 submissions to contact for interviews and

a winner will be chosen from there.

You will be notified by email as well as through the guidance office.

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